Our Frequently Asked Questions page is here to make the process as easy for you as possible. We understand that it can be quite a process to sell your car and if you have not done it before, there may be a few things you want to know or find out a bit more about before you make up your mind! We get that. If you still have queries after reading through this, or want to get a quote on your car call us now!

We have a simple procedure that gives you a seamless buying process. You simply fill our online form and you are good to go. You can also call us on 0800 200 743 or email us at info@wewantyourcar.wa.com.au. If you opt for a physical meeting, we are located at 661 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, WA 6100.

Please send us a detailed description of your car and specify the make model on our website. Attach some photos so that we pre-inspect your vehicle. One of our professionals will, in turn, contact you to arrange a 1-hour meeting with either a buyer or valuer. We will then give you an actual valuation immediately. If you are happy with our offer, we directly pay you without any fuss. We then proceed to do all the other paperwork and ultimately sell your vehicle.

You can send us pictures of your car to assist in determining its’ value, but that is not the final step of the assessment. We have to contact you and plan for a physical meeting where we conduct the actual appraisal. The physical inspection ensures that our assessors come up with a befitting amount to sell your car.

ul for the family. Various reasons may prompt you to sell a deceased family member’s vehicle, and we can make the process very easy. Our staff first establishes the validity of your ownership before we embark on the buying process per Australian law.

Just contact our customer care service team on 0800 200 743, who will give you various options during such circumstances.

Everyone can quickly sell their vehicle via We Want Your Car, WA. We conduct business with Australians who are at least 18 years old. You should have exclusive personal identification documents that prove the car is yours. Provide documents like an original ID, up-to-date proof of address, and the most recent settlement letter if your vehicle is still on finance.

Our professionals do a severe inspection of these documents, the VIN or number plates. After we ascertain the validity of your records, we can continue with the selling process. On the other hand, if there are uncertainties, we promptly contact you to solve the issue.

VIN stands for ‘Vehicle Identification Number.’ It is a unique collection of letters/numbers that are a representation of your vehicle only. The identification numbers usually have 17 characters that help identify the make and model of a car. Most cars have the VIN on the metal plate or sticker beneath the bonnet, inside the door, or boot. You can also obtain the number from your vehicle’s registration papers. The VIN is also known as chassis number as this is the system used before the introduction of VIN’s.

We, however, prefer to use your license plate number found on the front or back of your car. They help us understand your car’s registered history.

Numerous factors determine the value of a car. However, our first step during a car inspection is checking the car’s exterior identifying modifications or damages. Just like damages, some modifications may affect your car’s performance or make it unattractive to many sellers. Our assessors then review the interior of your car, such as the dashboard and seats.

The color of the vehicle also has a negligible impact on the final price, depending on customer preferences. We also consider the mileage since the condition of a car highly depends on the frequency of usage. Older cars tend to have a lesser value unless they are collector’s items or classic cars.

No standard cuts across coming up with the final resale value of cars. We have to physically evaluate your vehicle and immediately give you a just offer. We Want Your Car, WA, will quickly inspect the car before contacting our comprehensive national appraisers to get the best price. Rest assured that we have top-notch national dealers whose assessment is based on the market conditions.

Yes, We Want Your Car, WA, accepts cars that have outstanding finances from different institutions. You have to provide us with a current payout figure to arrange the necessary payments with your financier. We settle the loan and deposit the balance to your account. We can also advise you on paying for the negative equity if you owe more than your car’s worth. Furthermore, we assist you in getting the payout figure directly from your finance company.

The essential requirement in the appointment is the vehicle you intend to sell. You need to have the necessary legal documents that prove you own that particular car. The registration paperwork is vital proof of ownership. It is also an added advantage to have an entire service history assuring that the vehicle was under good care.

Please come with a payout letter if finance is owing to your vehicle. It goes a long way in speeding up the payment process. Do not worry if you don’t have it as one of our staff can also obtain the letter from the financier’s website.

There are numerous ways to get a better valuation of your car despite it depreciating. Ensure that you have proper documentation like service, maintenance, upgrade, and repair receipts. Paperwork showing details of the car since you bought it and insurance documents are also essential in the valuation process.

A car in good shape is likely to sell faster and has a high resell value. It is crucial to maintain your car, especially since you want to sell it. Conduct routine service inspections and regularly change the oil to keep your engine in proper condition. Also, fix any issues that may have arisen as you used the car. You may additionally install upgrades to some parts of the car, although it is not necessary.

The basic preparation is assembling all the necessary records. Also, add value to your car and keep it readily presentable to potential buyers as you wait for their call. Cross-check the engine, body, and other parts of your vehicle to look for issues. Ensure that you fix these issues since no one buys a car with a lot of problems. The only exception is when you have exclusively disclosed the car’s issues.

Your vehicle should be considered roadworthy as per the laws in Western Australia, where our company is. If your car is modified, undergoing initial registration, or has previously received yellow stickers, you must first conduct a safety test. You should also clean and detail the interior and exterior thoroughly and remove everything you own from the car. At We Want your Car, WA, we want a positive first impression when a buyer sees your vehicle.

We Want Your Car, WA, accepts a wide variety of cars. We will buy your vehicle no matter the make or model. As long as the vehicle has all the necessary documentation and is in good condition, you receive an instant payment.

A vehicle owner in Western Australia, WA, has various options for selling their car. The most popular choice is selling privately with the help of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Car owners post pictures as a form of advertisement. Another option is selling via car dealers. You can take your vehicle to car dealers in WA in exchange for cash or another car.

Dealers, however, often take advantage of your rush to sell and give a tiny amount of money. The third choice is joining an auction, primarily if your vehicle requires some twitches.
While you can sell your car with either of the above options, contacting us is the easiest of them all. We provide a vast online market where you are sure to get a buyer. Unlike other competing companies, our charges are cheap, and you get instant payment.

Apart from a free valuation of your car, we provide you with accurate and genuine car prices. You also don’t need to meet us since our dedicated buyers can meet you wherever you want. We Want Your Car, WA, finalizes the agreed full payment the same day via your preferred method. We have proper advertisement streams from which we reach a wide variety of customers, thus increasing chances of selling. A lot of people have benefitted from our services as displayed by online reviews.

We pay you the total price on the same day if you accept our offer and care for ownership paperwork. Payments are either made through EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) or company cheque. You only need to give us your account details, and we immediately pay you the complete amount.

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